Terms of Use

Patriot Stage Terms

PatriotStage.com, 1776vids.com, this web app, and all features contained within were created for users:

  • who feel betrayed by Facebook who sold their private data to companies who then used that private data to help line their greedy pockets ... you, your contacts, your friends were literally sold out by Facebook
  • who are tired of living in fear of offending the "Feelings Police" at Twitter
  • Do not like that conservatives, libertarians, and patriots are being banned and shadow banned on social media sites

These actions will get you perma-banned

  • Posting pornography (nudity) ... If you want to post pornography then there are plenty of places you can do it without any blowback. However, if you post it here then you will be banned.
  • Calling for violent actions against politicians. It is one thing to point out their inconsistencies, their hypocrisy, and even their treason, it is an entirely different thing to threaten violence toward them. If you are found to be threatening political leaders then you will be perma-banned.
  • Threatening harm to other users of this site. Sorry, its not cool and it will result in being banned.
  • Illegal content ... This area might be a bit vague but there are some things that are just obvious that are illegal and the police should be notified.
  • Trying to "hack" our servers will result in a perma-ban and likely a lawsuit.