Privacy Policy

Patriot Stage & 1776vids Privacy Policy

This website was partly born out of a rebellion against companies who sell our private information. It angers me, as a customer and as a human being, that a company that I trusted enough to divulge some of my private information would then take that information and sell it to the highest bidder.

The Patriot Stage & 1776vids must necessarily store some of your information (username, email, name) the reason for this is to make it possible for your to retrieve that information or change it at a future date.


  • Sell your information. NEVER.
  • Claim to own your personal information (including your pictures and posts).


  • Do all that is within our power to make sure the site remains a clean and safe place for patriots to use
  • Alert you as soon as possible in the event we have a data leak. While we do not anticipate this type of an event and we have taken many security precautions to make sure that it doesn't HOWEVER, we are not so foolish as to think there will not be people who won't try.
Patriot Stage & 1776vids fully supports the Internet Bill of Rights.