"What did YOU want to BE when you grew up?" How many times did you change your mind? First, an Astronaught. Then, a Cowboy. Then a Policeman. A Professional Dancer. A Doctor. What else? Ever want to be the Opp itosite Sex? I never did. It was never an Option offered to anyone I knew.

How close are you TODAY to ANY OF your 12-year-old ideas? What IF you were lonely and alone, a 12-year-old in a FOSTER HOME and it seemed like you'd get a lot of LOVE AND ATTENTION if you said you wanted them to carve up your body and rattle your brain with hormones and other drugs?

Whoever even THOUGHT of this sick law or of requiring TAXPAYERS to FUND it....belongs in PRISON!
hopetogether: For a very brief time, I thought I should have been born a boy! In retrospect it was only because I hit puberty and was embarrassed by my changing body, and that I wanted to play baseball which wss discouraged for girls at that time. I still love baseball, but I love who I am as a woman; a nurturer, a lifebearer, the heart of my family.
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Ritual Abuse Survivor Isaac Kappy and Dustin Nemos look at the evidence for Coming Mass Arrests of Human Trafficker s. That's Trafficking for Labor. Trafficking for Sex or Abuse. Trafficking for Organ Harvesting. It the fastest growing criminal enterprise. Drugs can only be sold ONCE. Humans can be sold over and over and over. There are Used Human dealers just like Used Car dealers. Nice, eh?

Will YOU help put an end to Human and Child Trafficking? Many ways will soon be shown to you. " Say Brave Things" is Sarah Ruth Ashcraft's motto.
Don't look away! That lets it grow. Pray.
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