Any of you new friends happen to know the address to Yoda's news aggregator website?
What a night with Q and worldwide patriots! I'd like to simply say, "I love you people!!!' So many things I have thougth all my life are now being validated and confirmed. The gratitude swells from the bottom of my heart to be here with live through these amazing times with you. Thank each and every one of you... and THANK GOD!!!!!
correctgirl: Thank you Curioustwo for friend request. #WWG1WGA What an awesome Q day.
Praying for Patriot Stage and Liberty Lovers everywhere. Let the light so shine!
curioustwo: So grateful you are back in the Soapbox! I'll keep my eyes open for the apps. I won't have much time to hang out, but so appreciate you and what God is doing all across our beautiful nation. I don't want to lose touch if the Tube removes us. Thank you for creating this!
correctgirl: Amen.