Christine Blasey Ford's friend from the alleged party, Leland Ingham Keyser, was married to Bob Beckel, Democrat operative and TV personality.???
Q ...- can't speak for everyone, but Thank You. I feel like I've been alone waiting for the cavalry since 2001. I'm so grateful for this connection to my Spirit. I'm honored to be witnessing this point in history and I pray for a swift return to Love and Compassion.
Your movement embodies the very best of all America. I've been Meme'ing and fighting for 15 years? Your arrival to the Field means everything... everything.... 5:5

Rs being DOXXED from inside Congress
lisad: Yikes!
chad: Rape victim, terrified, claustrophobic, has a 2nd front door, but SHE WILL HOST STRANGERS IN HER HOUSE?
Rothschilds, And The Geoengineering Empire

Why would the Rothschilds be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would E.L. Rothschild LLC wish to have the controlling interest in the world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobil? Because when you are involved in climate decimating geoengineering programs, you must also control the “forecast” models to cover your tracks.

Hurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction And Distraction
??? ..US government estimates 80,000 died of flu and flu complications last winter — highest toll in at least 4 decades - AP ???
lisad: Chad what is this saying?
chad: Lisad ... State of The Union and Patriots Day???
lisad: Thanks Chad...sometimes things just go right over my head 🙂
chad: no worries lisad. WWG1WGA
I painted this painting in 2001. A few years later, I shared it on every Facebook News site I could find. Shortly after Facebook stopped letting people comment with pictures. I've been banned from Media Matters and Occupy Democrats pages on Facebook. When my family started coming home with Purple Hearts, I had to do something. I can't tell you how honored I am to be here. I think we all thought we were alone. Thank You Yoda for this site.
Yoda: Nice! I like it