3rd 4th or 5th who knows how many the Dems paid off like they did with the women came out against Trump that they found out that they were paid they are filing a lawsuit to stop the vote
OGwhiz: I would love it if this were true! lol
Dianna Meyer: Not sure but it seems everyone is talking about it.
I just signed up today so I don't know what to expect here. I have to navigate around to see what's what. I'm a Conservative, a Born Again Christian, I follow Qanon, I'm a Deplorable & a Dreg of Society. I love POTUS & Melania & their family. I love the USA. I also love to paint the Big Cats & other wildlife in my spare time & also do some vegetable gardening. I listen to PatriotsSoapbox 24/7 for my news. I'm having a good life & I hope you are too!