A new lead-in video for the show ... hope you like
kravmaga: Hi Yoda, am here from PSB 24/7. I signed up a few days ago and heard you mention your site again. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
sandra r.: Thank you Yoda for making this site! It is awesome! 💖
Durado: Same, heard this morning. Thank You, Sir!
Wendy *Windisea1 : Yoda, I heard you about this great site this morning. Yesterday you talked about a news aggregate site but I couldn't find it online or linked in PS, is it on here?
correctgirl: Thank you Yoda for making this site and thank you for excepting my friends request. #WWG1WGA
SLiM JiNX: yeah i found it!!!!!!!!!!! hello patriots fellow psb24/7 follower
mohdutch: Hi Yodi, awesome site..Thank you so much for doing all you do. 🙂
domestic17: Hello Yoda. I am just checking this out. Patriots need a space that is censorship & harassment free. Thank you for the invite.
lennyeyes: I like intro Yoda. Your other one is still Good. Tells people more of what you are about.