PatriotStage will be undergoing a radical re-design in the next week or so. This re-design will completely change the way that the site works. Currently the site uses a "Facebook" style interface and the number of complaints from people is staggering. People just do not like the interface.

Therefore, after having weighed out all of pro's and con's of the options, I have decided to re-develop the site and model it after the Twitter platform.

If there are images that are ONLY stored on PatriotStage then NOW is the time to back them up on your hard drive.

I do hope that you understand that I provide this website completely out of love for my fellow patriots. I sincerely want to build a platform that will best serve the largest amount of people.

babybluetrouble: Thank you, Yoda!
hunter58: Yoda, i’m Watching a Q&A with Mark Taylor. He talked about Q. It would be great if you could get him on your channel or Patriots’ Soapbox.
babybluetrouble: I wouldn't think it would be that hard to get Mark Taylor on.
mohdutch: Thank You so much Yoda, you are amazing.
Mother Goose: Thanks for all you do Yoda! Here's a graphic for your Morning Show if you like it! I have a meeting at my great-grandson's school iin the morning but will catch you on Black Mirror or just a rollback when I get home. Thanks again!
Mother Goose: Another....
Enjoying som iced tea and FAST internet at Cici's Coffee just waiting on the POTUS rally!
A new lead-in video for the show ... hope you like
kravmaga: Hi Yoda, am here from PSB 24/7. I signed up a few days ago and heard you mention your site again. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
sandra r.: Thank you Yoda for making this site! It is awesome! 💖
Durado: Same, heard this morning. Thank You, Sir!
Wendy *Windisea1 : Yoda, I heard you about this great site this morning. Yesterday you talked about a news aggregate site but I couldn't find it online or linked in PS, is it on here?
correctgirl: Thank you Yoda for making this site and thank you for excepting my friends request. #WWG1WGA
SLiM JiNX: yeah i found it!!!!!!!!!!! hello patriots fellow psb24/7 follower
mohdutch: Hi Yodi, awesome site..Thank you so much for doing all you do. 🙂
domestic17: Hello Yoda. I am just checking this out. Patriots need a space that is censorship & harassment free. Thank you for the invite.
lennyeyes: I like intro Yoda. Your other one is still Good. Tells people more of what you are about.